Cosmo tracks

by Inner Science

Format : Vinyle, 12", EP
Release date : july 2022
Artwork : ©Inner Science
Limited edition 300 copies
Styles : Ambient, Deep House, electronica, deep techno

Landing on Cosmocities right on cue for the summer season ahead, Japanese producer Masumi Nishimura alias Inner Science deals out a new entry into his shimmering, shape-shifting mindset. Flying us off to a soothingly dreamy and colourful headspace, bristling with vibrant sound design minutiae to wrap your ears around, Inner Science exhibits the elevating power of his music through three original joints, complemented by two exquisite remixes from multi-faceted British genius Joe Goddard and Giegling staple, Map.ache.

The acid-infused glitter of “Unfold” paves the way with understated bravura; a piece of squelchy yet dazzling nature, organically making the rounds between propulsive club music territories and exotica-laced cascades of sound. “Quiet Track 3” follows a similar course with its phantasmagoric landslides of chimey melodies and driving bass traction on stealth mode, all scudding and mingling with haiku-esque spiritual balance, while “Never Fade Away” blows the winds of poetic transcendence through a finely engineered mix of forward-racing groove and a honey-dripping, rainbow-like shower of elementally lush textures and envelopes.
Flip it over and here’s Joe Goddard taking “End of the Beginning" for a slower, slightly less sign-busy jaunt across sun-soaked clearings and pastures. Laying further focus and emphasis on the synth work and build-up here, Goddard channels Inner Science's many facets and wildland-like exuberance through a more directed, further orchestrated pathway. Tackling “Momentary Spread”, map.ache treats us to a further dynamic, floor-friendly approach, routing its listener onto proper functional, gridlocked tracks. Bleached-out pads evaporating into aether as the bass etches into your mind with durable effect, it’s a proper oneiric roller that engulfs you down its gushing throat of faded escapism and brittle, post-discoid melancholy.


A1 . Unfold6:37
A2 . Quiet track 36:39
A3 . Never Fade Away4:40
B1 . End Of The Beginning (Joe Goddard remix)9:36
B2 . Momentary Spread (Map.ache remix)7:49

Press review

'Cosmic Tracks'

Magazine/site : The Nearest Faraway Place

Thanks for talking to us at NFP. Where are you today and what are you up to?

Currently in Tokyo, Japan making music!

Where are you from and where are you based today?

I was born in Tokyo and I’m still based there.

How have you spent this week?

I recently moved house and this week I am reconnecting our music equipment!  I also assembled some shelves and am waiting for the internet connection!

The sound of Inner Science is difficult to put into a box. If you had to define the sound of Inner Science, what words would you use?

The simplest way to describe it is “Inner Science”. My feelings have already been put into the work, so I hope that the listener who hears my work will think and judge it as he or she pleases. In my opinion, that is one of the interesting aspects of instrumental music.

You seem like a pretty elusive character. Do you prefer to stay out of the light?

Haha, What I do is simple. I just make the sounds that I think are beautiful, put them in order of preference, and make the music that I like. It is enough for me if my music stays in the light. Of course, I get a lot of light myself during the live performance.

Who are the producers and artists who have an impact on the music you make?

The fresh ideas of 90’s HIP-HOP, the various records from around the world such as Abstract/Electronica/Experimental/House/Techno that lined the shelves of unique record stores in Shibuya in the 2000s, also feel that I’m influenced by Japanese artists such as Nobukazu Takemura, Killer Bong, Gonno, XTAL, Rei Harakami, DJ Kensei, and many others. And because I like them, I have tried to make as little music as possible that is similar to them!

What other labels have you released on? Tell us about your most notable release?

I have released on my own label “Plain Music”. Also on Assembles series, a collection of original music and sound collages that was released on an American tape label “Moss Archive” and “Lillerne Tapes”. The most notable release is always the latest, which is now Cosmo Tracks!

Talk us through the Cosmo Tracks EP a little.

It is three original tracks, with some great remixers in the shape of Joe Goddard and Map.ache. Their remixes are really cool and produced in a different manner than mine. I was very surprised and really happy with what they produced.  Hope you will listen and take the time to compare he tracks with the original version.

What genre of music do you feel this release best sits in or alongside?

I would be happy if listeners or DJs who hear this music choose their favourite place on their own record shelf, ie. their favourite genre and place it in their own way.

What other exciting production projects are you working on this year?

My next piece. I’m really looking forward to having people listen to it.

What other artists have you got your eyes on right now? Who do you think is one to watch?

KILN has always been my favourite artist. I was glad to see Axel Boman’s album released.

What was the most recent record you bought?

Recently got the MAT studio 1 I was looking for.

Tell us an interesting fact about Inner Science.

My first piece of musical equipment was an AKAI S900 and a ROLAND MC-50.

Thanks for you valuable time!